3 Tips for a Quick Home Sale

//3 Tips for a Quick Home Sale

3 Tips for a Quick Home Sale


3 Tips for Making a House Sell Fast


A recent job transfer, a change in financial status, or the need to move in with a family member may have you looking to make a quick sale of your home. And while it isn’t ideal to rush the process, selling your home in a fast pace real estate market begins with finding the right REALTOR® to work with.

It is possible to make a quick home sale that will be success and still offer you a reasonable profit to use towards your next property. Needless to say, this is not a full guide to selling your home, but 3 easy tips that will get you started.

Here are three things you can do to make the sale easier to execute:


Prepare your Property

As soon as you learn that you are planning on trying to list your home for sale, start preparing your property. Go through your home and eliminate any unnecessary items and clutter, sending them to charity or putting them in storage.

Make the arrangements necessary to complete any unfinished repairs or renovations, and initiate repairs that have been left unattended to, such as the inadequate attic insulation or the leak in your basement. Once you have taken care of all of these important components, begin the process of depersonalizing your home and increasing its curb appeal, getting it ready for inspection and an open house.


Secure a Real Estate Agent

During the time that you are working to prepare your property, start looking around for an appropriate real estate agent. While most REALTORS® will be happy to support you in a sale, regardless of how fast you want it to happen, some may be more open to a fast sale than others.

Indicate from the start of the relationship and contact that you are looking to make a quick sale and minimize the time your home is on the market to make sure this is something they are open to.

selling your home fast

Securing the right real estate agent is a critical step in getting your home sold FAST


Once you secure a real estate agent, you will be able to take advantage of his or her knowledge and experience to increase the chances of a quick turn around with your property. Most real estate agents will have suggestions on how to improve the chances of a quick sale for your home, making it highly advantageous to work with an agent in such situations over trying to negotiate the sale on your own.


Be Open to all Suggestions

After meeting with your REALTOR® and discussing the logistics of a quick sale for your property, he or she will likely offer a range of prices that are suitable for you to list your home. One price will be the reasonable asking price, a second price, lower than the first, will be to boost your chances of a quick sale, and the final price will be a lower price which will almost guarantee your chances of your house selling fast.

While the latter two may not be what you would hope for, be open to taking less for your property, or making compromises in settlement based on how quickly you want your house to move.

A quick sale, which still ensures you walk away with a reasonable value from your property can be successfully executed, when you take the right steps.

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